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Stone Creek Environmental Consulting

Welcome to the blog of Stone Creek Environmental Consulting. We hope to use our blog site to post useful information to our community with updates environmental regulations, new technologies, current projects and industry standards.

When I thought about a name for this firm, I first thought of Deer Creek Environmental Consulting. I grew up in a housing development called Deer Creek and, coincidentally, now live in a neighborhood with the same name. Specializing in water quality, I wanted the business to have a connection to water, so having the word creek in the name seemed fitting and relevant. I was nearly ready to select this company name, when I had a thought about using my maiden name, Stone. Stone Creek still provides the connection to water and also pays tribute to my family. It seemed like the perfect fit, so that became the final selection.

I look forward to connecting with my clients, colleagues, and community members!

Family and me canoeing on the Russian River.

Picture: My family and me canoeing on the Russian River.

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This is awesome, congrats!

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